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Home Cinema Systems

With technology moving forward at such a pace it would be easy to get bogged down and confused with all the jargon and endless options available when making the decision about your Home Cinema.

What do you require?

Whether you would prefer a large plasma screen with 5.1 surround sound in your living room or a dedicated room with a hidden motorised projector screen and HD projector with full 7.1 high definition surround sound with lighting and control systems to match. Carbon13 can oversee that the very best in Home Cinema experience is installed in your home.

What about the cables?

All the relevant cabling and wiring will be discreetly hidden in the walls, floors and overhead spaces with minimal disruption.

For the blockbuster experience….

Carbon13 guarantee that you will be so encapsulated by the mind blowing sounds and stunning visuals in Home Cinema sophistication that you will never want to go to the cinema again. In the comfort of your home you can watch your favourite movie scenes over and over again.

Let us help you with our expert knowledge base. We will take control from the initial design, liaising with your interior designers and decorators to make sure you receive the ultimate in Home Theatre.

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