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Multi Room Video

Carbon13 can supply and install multiroom video distribution with systems capable of sending High Definition signals to every room of the house.

How does it work?

Using highly advanced distribution and matrix switches along with HDMI over Cat6 cable extenders, we can ensure you will enjoy your High Definitions images on any flat screen.

How do I control it?

Carbon13 can supply and programme Universal Remote Controls that will control all of the distributed sources from all rooms.

So what does that mean for me?

Carbon13 will design your cable infrastructure that will link any rooms of your choice to any source, usually situated in a central hub. You will have the ability to decide which rooms get fed and with what source. Tailor this alongside a competent RF integrated system and you will be able to make sure that the children’s rooms only receive freeview and the communal Blu-ray and not the communal Sky HD and vice versa.

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